Saturday, 8 September 2012

My First Post

Before I start, this blog is for anyone interested in animals. If they aren't too high on your favourites list, don't bother reading any more.

Awesome, you like animals! Anyway, I'm Farm Girl Jr, and if the name Farm Girl sounds familiar to you, it probably is. I am Farm Girl (Stitching) 's daughter. I live on a sheep and beef farm at the bottom of New Zealand with my Mum, Dad and younger sister. I would list all of my pets for you but if you keep reading, you will meet most of them in my posts.

I'll start you off with Marley, my Possum Tabby kitten. Marley is the funniest of all of our pets and you will hear a lot more about him later. He may seem a little bit strange on the outside, but on the inside, actually, he probably is pretty weird inside too (and everyone wonders where he gets it from ;] ). Put it this way, he gets stuck in plastic bags, is best friends with the dog, drinks out of toilets and is forever walking into furniture. Here he is...

Marley's Best Picture 

He looks pretty normal right? Just wait, you will see another side of the kitten very soon. I hope you will continue reading or leaving a comment here or there.

Thanks, Farm Girl Jr xx 



  1. Great post Farm Girl Junior, I can't wait to see what else you will share here.......

    1. Thanks so much Nicky, I hope you will enjoy my further posts.

  2. That is a seriously cute cat! You will find if you wrte about cats you will get lots of visitors!

    Happy Blogging


  3. You have a very nice cat, our Dave will only drink out of the cold water tap in the bath. Cats are very strange,I think that's why they rule the Universe. Good luck with your blog.