Monday, 10 September 2012

That's Southland for you

The first thing you notice about Southland is the weather! This morning I went with dad and checked all of the sheep at the back of the farm. It started off pretty chilly outside, but trust me, it didn't get any warmer.

I should probably introduce my first ever pet, Emily. I got her as a lamb when I was two and am now twelve, making her our oldest sheep on the farm at ten years! She is a very good ewe as she has had triplets almost every year and brings them all up into big lambs. Emily is my favourite sheep on the farm and is really easy to tell from the rest of them with a big black spot around her right eye.

I can't wait till Emily has her lambs this year, I'll put them up as soon as I get a picture.
Back to looking sheep, that was just the first paddock. After looking four more paddocks, we found a brand new set of twins. Look at this cutie, he is only a few minutes old!

This is where the weather gets bad, One second the sky is clear (Above), then...

We get really bad weather every Lambing, last year it snowed and snowed and snowed leaving hardly any lambs. It makes the rain seem OK. Wish us luck though, it's meant to snow tomorrow :(

I'll leave it at that for today - pray for good weather :D
Seeya, Farm Girl Junior xx


  1. What a precious little lamb. =)

  2. Welcome to blogland FGJ! Thank you for sharing pics of your beautiful (cold) farm, and all the animals. X